CERN Long Shut Down 2

Take advantage of the CERN Long Shutdown 2 for your next Science school trip
February 8, 2018

CERN Long Shut Down 2

Great news for science school trips, CERN, based near Geneva in Switzerland has a planned Long Shut Down 2 (LS2) in late 2018 and into 2019.

CERN is our most popular science school trip destination. This incredible multi-nation endeavour is pushing the boundaries of science, confirming new and dispelling old theories every week and truly changing our understanding of the world. From confirming the Higgs Boson particle discovery, to the creation of the World Wide Web, visiting CERN truly allows your students to be part of the world’s biggest, live science experiment.  

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What you get to experience when you visit the CERN facility really is dictated by what is taking place at CERN on that day. If there are high-level experiments taking place then much of the site may be out of bounds, although the experience of being at CERN and having presentations from CERN scientists is still a treat in itself.  

However occasionally CERN has to undertake a series of maintenance and upgrades, and although this can take place during normal running periods, occasionally they enforce what they term the Long Shut Down, the last one taking place in 2013. During the Long Shut Down major equipment upgrades take place, all major experiments are suspended and maintenance is carried out. Therefore, much more of the CERN site is usually accessible on a CERN school trip during a Long Shut Down.  


The exciting news is that CERN has a scheduled Long Shut Down, names the Long Shut Down 2 (LS2) for later in 2018, at present scheduled for November 2018 and into much of 2019. Therefore if you undertake your school trip to CERN during LS2 it is likely that your group may be able to see areas often off-limits. We cannot guarantee this will be the case as we have no say in what you see at CERN and during major installations and upgrades of LS2 areas will be off-limits. However, given our experience of the previous LS1 we would highly advise trying to organise a trip to CERN during LS2.

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