Amalfi Coast – school trip planning tips

Amalfi Coast
March 1, 2016

The Amalfi Coast and Bay of Naples are home to some of the world’s most active and unique volcanic features, not least the active Mount Vesuvius volcano.  This in itself, combined with epic coastal vistas and some unique geographical attractions including Pompeii ensure that more and more school groups are choosing to visit this region on their school trip. With so many different locations and regions to visit, here are our top-tips on planning the perfect school trip to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

Where is it?

Located in southern Italy in the region of the city of Naples, you may often hear the region referred to in different terms including the Amalfi Coast, Bay of Naples and Sorrento.  The map below explains which label refers to which region.

Project Sorrento

Adaptable Travel provide every group who travel to Sorrento with our unique GCSE curriculum based Project Sorrento student and teacher resource pack.  This includes a full printed colour Student Workbook to supplement their learning of the different visits they will experience which is packed with information, activities, discussion points and more.  The Student Workbook is accompanied by a Teacher Handbook to help you as a teacher and allow you to assist students getting even more out of their trip.  In addition we provide classroom ready PowerPoints, allowing you to use Sorrento and the region as a case study in Geography and Science lessons.  Enquire for your free sample.

Where to stay?

If visiting the region, the best place to locate your group is in the town of Sorrento, located in the Bay of Naples, which is the opposite side of the peninsular as the Amalfi Coast, just a short drive away.  We offer a range of accommodation options in Sorrento, from centrally located hotels to the Klein Wien Hotel located in Piano di Sorrento just 5 minutes’ drive from Sorrento.  Being located in Sorrento provides a good central point from which to explore the surrounding attractions such as Naples and Vesuvius.

Vesuvius and Pompeii

Duration: 9 hours

Includes: Coach, Guide (at Vesuvius), entrance to Pompeii

You will see: The main attractions are Vesuvius volcano and Pompeii.

In more detail: Vesuvius towers over the region, with an estimated 3 million people likely to be impacted by an eruption, making for an excellent human geography case study. After taking the coach from Sorrento a guide will escort you on a guided tour to the volcano crater. After this you will travel to Pompeii, a former city that was destroyed yet preserved by Vesuvius in 79AD.  When visiting Pompeii, entrance is free however be aware this does not include a guide and requires you to take a letter on school headed paper.  Guides are available and Adaptable Travel can pre-book them for you, please enquire for prices.  Once inside Pompeii, your group can freely explore the excavated remains, which in part is preserved as it was on that infamous day in 79AD.  You will then travel back to Sorrento.

Alternative options: At Pompeii, we can provide a full guided tour on request, which we do recommend to make the most of your visit.  Alternatively, you could substitute Pompeii for Herculaneum on this daytrip, but we recommend the Vesuvius-Pompeii combination to make the most of your time.

Solfatara and Herculaneum Tour

Duration: approx 8 hours

Includes: Coach, full-day Guide, entrance to Solfatara and entrance to Herculaneum

You will see: The main attractions are Solfatara and Herculaneum

In more detail: A full day coach trip with full-day guide who will meet you at your hotel and escort your group on a fantastic day to visit Solfatara (the name of the volcanic area you visit within the Campi Flegrei volcanic area, also referred to as the the Phlegreaen Fields). This will include an extensive walk amongst active volcanic sulphuric fissures.  Your day will also include a visit to the ancient ruined city of Herculaneum, whose fate lies in parallel with Pompeii, succumbing to the same pyroclastic flows from Vesuvius that overcame Pompeii n 79AD.  Herculaneum is smaller than Pompeii, but better preserved with paintwork and upper floors still present.

Alternative options: It is possible to visit Herculaneum in conjunction with Vesuvius or Herculaneum and Pompeii, or indeed either of these visits as part of your airport transfer day (subject to flight times).  Due to locations and content, Solfatara-Herculaneum would be our recommended combination.

Amalfi Coast Drive

Duration: Approx 4-5 hours

Includes: Coach, guide, free time in Amalfi

In more detail: You will leave Sorrento with your guide and travel along the Amalfi coast towards Amalfi. En route you will pass picturesque Positano and see impressive views along the coast. You will arrive at your end point of Amalfi for some free time, before making the return journey.

Add-ons possible: It is possible to stop in Positano for free time, however due to the nature of the town, substantial parking fees are payable by coach companies and hence there is an added cost for a stop in Positano. You can also visit the Emerald Cave en route which is located in between Positano and Amalfi, and includes a boat trip to the Emerald Cave, however please note life jackets are not provided.


Duration: Approx 6-7 hours

Includes: Coach, Hydrofoil

In more detail: Transfer by coach to Sorrento harbour and catch the Hydrofoil to the island of Capri (boat trip lasts approx. 45mins).  On Capri, your group will have free time to explore the island and town on foot, before your return journey to Sorrento in the afternoon.

Add-ons possible: Once in Capri, take another boat to take a trip around the island visiting Blue Grotto cave in the process.

Agritourism Galatea

Duration: Half day visit

Includes: Coach from hotel to Agritourism Galatea, buffet

In more detail: Venture from Sorrento to the Agritourism Galatea farm in the hills of Piano di Sorrento, near Sorrento. Receive a tour of the olive and lemon growing farm, which also produces Mozzarella Cheese and houses livestock, learning about the growing and cultivating techniques. Of course, sampling the food is a must and your students will be treated to a buffet of food from the farm.

Add-ons possible: It is possible for students to take a cookery class where they are taught to create their own pizza using ingredients from the farm – and then of course eat their creations!

Naples city tour

Duration: Flexible, but usually half day

Includes: Return coach and guide

You will see: Main attractions of Naples city centreIn more detail: A guide will escort you on a tour of the UNESCO protected city centre of Naples, one of Italy’s most iconic and historic cities, along with interesting land uses, making for an excellent human geography case study.  It is possible to conduct this tour en route to or from the airport (subject to your flight times) which makes sense given the location and the fact you are likely to land in Naples.

Add-ons possible: Underground Naples tour – descend 40 metres underground and emerge into Napoli Sofferranea, a labyrinth of caves and tunnels dating back centuries.

Other visits possible

Sorrento itself is a nice town to amble the hours away and enjoy the coast.  If you would like to add other visits onto your trip there are a number of options Adaptable Travel can pre-arrange for you including:

Ischea  - Mount Epomeo (island boat trip)

Lattari Mountain Regional Park – Path of the Gods (Amalfi Coast Walk)

Pertosa Cave Grotte dell'Angelo di Pertosa (2 hour drive from Sorrento)

Evening activities in Sorrento - including Bowling and a folk show

Your Trip

When you book your trip with Adaptable Travel, we will ensure it is bespoke to the needs of your group, taking into account your budget, dates, group size and topics of interest.  Our team are highly experienced in organising school trips to Sorrento, and love talking about the region and the different visits available.  Contact us today if you have not yet received your no obligation quotation and let our team help you plan your perfect school trip to Sorrento.