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April 12, 2019

Why take your hairdressing and beauty therapy students on one of our educational tours? If you’re wondering just that, our expert in residence is here to tell you exactly why our hairdressing and beauty therapy tours are a cut above the rest!

Our Digital Content Co-ordinator, Jenn studied media make-up and special effects all over the UK before working on independent films, theatre productions and editorial projects. In this handy blog she will be running through the seminars and conventions she visited as a student, the ones we offer, and how these will inspire your students.

One of the most valuable elements of my training was developing a good professional network, as well as staying ahead of the curve on the latest techniques and processes emerging in industry. Following a curriculum, it can be hard to include the latest techniques, products and processes in the practical training, which means that students can enter industry having trained in methods which may not always be relevant to the salons, or projects they will encounter. I started my training in beauty therapy, moving onto media make-up and then eventually specialising in SFX, editorial make-up and creative direction. This path has taught me that versatility is key when getting the most out of your personal and professional projects, guaranteeing that I could work in changing conditions and take on creative projects with confidence. Events such as IMATS and Professional Beauty London let me step outside the classrooms and studios to explore new innovation and discover more from brands and products. Best of all, I could watch these products in action, ask questions, interact with professionals and work with the products that caught my eye without breaking the bank, with the fantastic student discounts on offer. This not only developed my skillset by building my knowledge of products and methods, it also built my confidence, which as anyone in this industry knows, is absolutely key. Events like these were also an amazing opportunity for me to network with brands, companies and creatives that would later provide me with work experience opportunities and develop the foundations of my professional path.

Although my training taught me a lot, there was nothing like stepping into bustling industry atmospheres and being a part of this huge community. As a student it was easy to doubt my abilities, but these environments encouraged me to be more inquisitive, ask more questions and challenge myself with projects, reminding me that all the professionals I aspired to join, started exactly where I was. I owe a lot of my inspiration, drive and eventually the results of my hard work, to experiences at events like these. Speaking to professionals, watching demonstrations and realising what others had achieved through their work, inspired me to push myself creatively and take on projects I might not have had the confidence to pursue.

London Professional Beauty

Professional Beauty was the first convention I attended throughout my training in Beauty Therapy, and the one which made me continue these visits. It was incredible to be in such a huge space dedicated to every element of the beauty industry, with products and equipment that was leaps and bounds above anything I had used in college at the time. At it’s 2019 event figures surpassed 33,000 which is amazing to see, knowing that it’s engaging with and inspiring more and more professionals in this rewarding industry. One of the highlights for students is being able to approach professionals in every role possible, developing a crucial industry awareness. It was Professional Beauty which influenced my decision to step into make-up artistry, opening the door to a fantastic new world of creativity and expression. In 2020 your students can expect to see this already impressive convention at its very best, boasting over 800 brands to wow your students and multiple live demonstration stages, which I can safely say are worth every penny alone! Many of your beauty therapy students, like me, will also be introduced to make-up artistry on a wider scale, and the roles and opportunities which stem from this route. Others will get a taste for the treatments, skills and training they can achieve by continuing down beauty therapy or spa routes. Professional Beauty has an edge, in that it also includes business related exhibits offering guidance, insight and information for students who aspire to own their own salon or work freelance. The atmosphere in London definitely added to the excitement of a trip away from college, particularly if like me your students come from much smaller cities or towns. The extra opportunities in London are also amazing, the opportunities to visit stand-alone boutique cosmetic stores from industry giants are great. Influencing my tutor group and college friends so much that some of my college friends are leading these very stores in London today!

IMATS London

IMATS was hands down where I fell in love with the creativity of SFX make-up and where it could take me. I first visited IMATS in 2014 and always look forward to going back, for the fantastic displays, product releases and creative work on show. My first visit was early into my make-up training and I had just started to delve into SFX, stepping into IMATS was like stepping into another world. I was immediately inspired by the work I saw and how make-up artists who had started where I was had forged amazing careers and perfected their work to such incredible levels. No matter their level your students will be blown away by the level of work and the faces and names showcasing at IMATS London. Not only is there an amazing range of professionals from all walks of media make-up and special effects, students can also experiment with their favourite products and discover even more to diversify their kit. The exhibitors, artists and creatives are there to engage with their audience, meaning they’ll have time to answer your students’ questions, offer insights and methods, as well as show off amazing work to inspire your group. Opportunities like IMATS London also give students a priceless chance to network with the very best professionals across the spectrum, get industry insight and realise the potential of a career in this fantastic industry. IMATS is definitely a must for any budding MUA whether they want to work in film, TV, theatre or commercial make-up, and is sure to offer every student a burst of inspiration, like it did me!

Make-up Forever Paris and London

Adaptable Travel offer two fabulous events led by Worldwide cosmetic giants, Make Up Forever in Paris and London. Groups can choose between seminars tailored towards either beauty therapy or media make-up, depending on their course, interest and progression. Both seminars are held in global creative capitals, which give your students amazing opportunities to soak up the inspiration of these fabulous cities. This option allows your group to work these trips into your budget and schedule perfectly, while still guaranteeing an unforgettable trip. The Make Up Forever professional teams lead these sessions, which include various elements from theoretical insight, practical demonstrations and hands-on experiences for students. As well as fantastic experiences students also benefit from an exclusive 40% discount in the brand stores, meaning they can continue to experiment with the products in studio sessions, bringing the inspiration home. Similarly, to IMATS and Professional Beauty I am confident that these demonstrations, opportunities and interactions with leading professionals will inspire your students to push themselves to the limit of their creativity and feed their passion for this industry.

Although I haven’t accompanied groups on these tours myself, I ensured I got plenty of photo updates and videos from our team who were in Paris for the 2019 seminars and judging by the response from groups travelling this year it was an incredible event for everyone.

Salon International and Wella Professionals

Committed to representing the full spectrum of the hair and beauty industry, Adaptable Travel also offer amazing experiences for hairdressing students too. The Wella Professionals events run alongside Make Up Forever in both Paris and London, making it easier for your entire hair and beauty department to benefit from unforgettable experiences, on the same trip. While Salon International runs earlier in the year, so your group won’t miss out on the fun if you can’t make the Wella tours. Geared towards level 2 and 3 students these events allow your students to gain valuable insights into practical techniques, innovation, colour and cutting-edge hair trends, similarly to the Make Up Forever and IMATS experiences for beauty and make-up students. Working alongside internationally recognised brands and professionals will inspire your students in their own work, pushing this to its creative limit.

Blue Lagoon and Alton Towers Spa Tours

Spa and holistic students need not feel left out either! Adaptable Travel has some amazing visits for groups studying holistic therapy and spa and salon management with fantastic spa tours. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon is ranked the “Best Spa in the World” and Alton Towers is a brilliant renowned spa, slightly closer to home. Both of these wonderful experiences allow students to step behind the scenes on guided tours of the facilities and understand the unique processes of running each of these spas, and what this means for the managers. Of course, it would be cruel to let groups simply visit these facilities, so you will also have time to experience them for yourselves, with discounted prices on treatments exclusive to Adaptable Travel.

The seminars, tours and conventions offered at Adaptable Travel cater to students whatever their specialism, enabling each student to experience similar inspiration and drive, whether they want to pursue beauty therapy, SFX for TV and media, spa and salon management or holistic therapy. These event packages offer an added bonus opportunity to explore style and beauty capitals such as London and Paris, and the doors these can open for your students.

If you’re interested in our fantastic range of hair and beauty tours for your groups, get in touch with a member of our fantastic team, or simply request a quote today!