7 Reasons to LOVE Madrid!

May 31, 2019

We’ve long speculated that Madrid was one of the most amazing school trip destinations in Europe, but now Lonely Planet have confirmed that Madrid is officially the 2nd best place to visit in the whole of Europe!

From culture, to history and of course some absolutely mouth-watering cuisine Madrid boasts tonnes of reasons why it’s a serious contender for the next school trip, but we’ve compiled a list of our very favourite reasons to love Madrid, and inspiration to get you planning that school trip today!


It’s no secret that Madrid’s charming Mediterranean streets are scattered with fantastic examples of design and architecture, and laden with fantastic art galleries. Home to the world famous ‘Golden Triangle’ students are able to visit some of the best museums in Europe and experience masterpieces housed in the famous museums of Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen, all in one spectacular city! The city itself exudes art, design and style with its magnificent architecture and beautiful buildings, stunningly intricate statues and landmarks and its beautiful city skyline. If you’re looking for somewhere to astound and inspire your art students look no further than the beautiful Madrid.


Spanish cuisine is as vibrant as it is fragrant, rich fresh ingredients coming together in a melting pot of traditional flavour with modern twists, the cuisine in Madrid will not disappoint. Whatever the season, regional delicacies in Madrid are a flavoursome treat and no trip to this fantastic city is complete without indulging in some of the tantalising taste sensations on offer. From traditional Cocido Madrileño and Huevos Rotos or, ‘Broken Eggs’ in its English translation to staples like Tortilla de Patatas and Bocadillo de Calamares for those braving fried squid (we promise, you won’t regret it!). There’s nothing quite like a traditional relaxed breakfast of Churros and taking in the impressive city waiting to be explored. For students wanting to explore this regional cuisine with more than just your taste buds, the local produce shops and markets offer a picture of vibrant colours, fresh smells and a chance to see how food is sourced Madrileño style.


Madrid is one of the most warm, positive and friendly environments you will find when travelling, which comes in particularly handy when travelling with large groups of students who want to feel at ease in a new place, not to mention when risk assessing, pitching and planning school trips! Affectionately named Madrileños, those native to and those living in Madrid have developed a warm, accepting and tolerant community, making it hard to find a safer and more welcoming environment for visitors and natives alike.


There’s no time like the present to discuss Madrid’s football history with the Eve of the Champions League Final upon us, hosted at Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano. As a country Spain loves ‘fútbol’ and is renowned worldwide for its passion for the sport and its world class teams, particularly those in Madrid and Barcelona. With two home teams in Madrid whether Madridistas supporting Real Madrid CF or Rojiblancos supporting Atletico Madrid one thing is certain, Madrileños bring their passion to every match and wear their team colours with pride! Second to el futbol, is Basketball another sport which attracts thousands of passionate fans in Spain and demonstrates the very best of European Basketball. Madrid is home to Real Madrid Baloncesto a professional basketball team which is linked to the multi-sport organisation Real Madrid CF. Explore the passion, sportsmanship and history of Real Madrid on tours of the Bernabeu Stadium on your next school trip!


Spain’s place within the Iberian Peninsula has seen occupation by numerous empires and groups over the years, each one influencing the Spain we see today and the cultural, historic and religious identity of the country. Boasting tonnes of historic significance from Greeks and Romans to Moorish occupation and the decline of the Spanish Empire students won’t be short of learning opportunities in Madrid. The Romans and Moors have left their mark not only on the dialects, and culture seen in modern Spain, but on the architecture, art and even the cuisine which lends flavours and elements within the most traditionally Spanish of recipes from it’s long and colourful historic background.


Traditional Spanish culture is pumping strongly through veins of Madrid with constant reminders of this deep-rooted presence within the many restaurants, museums and opportunities for social interaction and appreciation of fine art, fine food and fine wines! Spain’s cultural identity has been carved by a range of historic groups, influences and events such as Ancient Roman Empires, Ancient Greeks, Latin and Iberian culture. One of the core aspects of Spanish culture which you’ll find in Madrid is passion for dance, music and expression particularly Spain’s traditional Flamenco styles.  Even today the majority of modern Spanish as a language is derived from Latin, which definitely preserves this Latin and Roman influence in Spain’s cultural identity. Recently Madrid has established itself amongst the best in European Business and cemented its position as a major economic hub, it’s this perfect mixture of tradition and culture with modernity and diversity which make Madrid a beautifully dynamic and enriching location for school trips. Socialising and making time to appreciate and maintain your relationships with friends and family are massively celebrated in Spain, with Madrid being no stranger to this staple of Spanish culture. A trip to Madrid will teach students a lot about Spanish culture with lessons in generosity, open mindedness, community spirit and respect which promise to stay with them throughout their lives.


Whether studying a specific subject or visiting for enrichment opportunities Madrid presents ample opportunities for growth, understanding and development in students. Combining history, art and culture with amazing community spirit and acceptance the lessons learned on a visit to Madrid and the experiences that will stay with your students make this a perfect destination. Madrid promises amongst others, to teach your students about the culture of enjoying life, a passion for exploration and the importance of acceptance and positivity.

If you’d like to hear more about our trips to Madrid or request a quote for your next school trip get in touch with one of our friendly, expert team and we’ll do the rest!