Adding New Accommodation (to Airtable, the Website and Spirit)


Here is the process for adding new accommodation to Airtable and the website.

1. Check the accomodation does not already exist. It is common it may exist in a slightly different name. We can search on our Airtable database to see if the accommodation exists already. If it definitely does not exist, move to step 2.

2. Fill in this Airtable form. This fires an alert to Chantal and Matt and adds it to Airtable as a draft. Remember the contents of the form will be public facing, so check grammar and formatting matches existing accommodation.

3. Chantal will check the accommodation on Airtable and fill in any missing data
-Images will be added (we usually need to grab from their website, the only time this is acceptable to steal images generally) - they need to be compressed first using Squoosh or similar to be under 200kb per image.

4. Once happy Chantal set the status to 'Active' and it goes live to the website.
-this fires an alert to check the risk assessment status/get an audit.

5. Chantal adds the accommodation to Spirit as a new supplier and chases the audit.

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