4. Options & Provisional Bookings


Get an Option

If a client is happy with their quotation, the next job is to ‘hold’ their ‘Option’.

This is what we call a Provisional Booking.

This simply means we check the availability with the relevant suppliers (usually the hotel) by assigning a task to Operations (to follow in Spirit training) and if the supplier (hotel) is available, we send the client a ‘Provisional Booking’.

The purpose of the provisional booking is to inform the client what we have on hold and for how long.  This gives them a date that they can use their end to collect deposits from their students.

Top tip – don’t give them too long for option dates! 2-3 weeks is usually long enough, so ignore the deposit date given by the supplier (unless it is very short) and keep our options relatively short. We can usually extend if required.

Option requests – Done through Operations via Spirit request to Sian.

What we Hold

Accommodation is really the only thing we hold apart from:

  • West End Theatre tickets
  • Coaches in peak season
  • Some long-haul flights can be held.

Provosional Bookings Via Spirit

To create a Provisional Booking document, this can be completed via Spirit Merge docs as follows:

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