We estimate 2000 trip enquiries for 2023/24.

Each of these is a unique enquiry, with a potential value up to £50k (the average booking value is around £12k).

Full time Sales will expect to manage approx.. 250+ enquiries in the first year, rising to 400+ thereafter.

Enquiry Sources

These enquiries come from the following sources:

  • Website Enquiry Forms
  • Telephone Calls (inbound and outbound)
  • Emails (inbound and outbound)
  • Plan My School Trips

In most cases, you will be assigned enquiries from Matt.  These are assigned based on:

  • Client/Organisation history
  • Sales persons specialism
  • Workload

The Sales persons job is to ‘convert’ as many of these enquiries as possible to bookings as possible.

The collective Sales team target is 18% conversion rate.

Inbound Enquiries

Details needed for a quote (to be recorded on Spirit, some people write down first):

  • Destination(s)
  • Dates(s) if known, if not need a vague idea
  • Group size, if not known again need a vague idea
  • Duration
  • Curriculum / what visits interested in
  • Meal basis (usually B&B)
  • Useful to know age of students and any other notes such as have they done the trip before
  • Remember, if you are unsure, ask and don’t be afraid to say you are new and you need to check.

If you receive an inbound enquiry (by phone or email) you need to take the details, the more detail the better.  Then you need to create a new lead on Spirit (See Spirit training)

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