What is Spirit and how to Navigate it

Our CRM is called Spirit. This is provided by a company called The Education Company and is a database and CRM pre-loaded with thousands of teacher contact details.

It is more importantly where we manage all of our leads and you will use this every day to manage and track your work. Everything that is done is recorded in Spirit so it worth taking the time to find your way around.


Your Login details for Spirit are as follows:

Go to:

Logins details provided separately

When you first log in to spirit, you will be greeted a blank page. to the left, you will spot a number of buttons the most important one is the "Activities" button. From here, you will be able to navigate to your leads and tasks.

If you are working is sales, the Ad-Hoc/Ski/Conventions button will take you to all of your active leads in Spirit. At Adaptable, a lead is essentially a trip enquiry. Each trip will have its own lead and will list the name of the institute that requested the trip, the group leaders name, destination, dates etc. Trip enquiries can come from a number of sources including website enquiries, Telephone or email. Some of these are created automatically, others will have been manually created yourself or by one of your colleagues.

When you click Ad-Hoc/Ski/Conventions, the view will default "All Active Leads" which shows every lead associated with you that is currently open. You can use the tabs at the top to further filter these based on what you are looking for.

All Active Leads - A List of all leads that are allocated to you that are currently open and could still possibly book.

Quotes to be allocated - This shows all quotes that have not yet been passed on to a sales person. All new requests will appear in this view until allocated by Matt or Ian.

Costing Required - Leads that feature in this view have already been allocated to a sales person but the trips have not yet been cost up by Ian or Matt.

- Shows all leads where the quotation has been sent out to the group leader but no further action has been taken to confirm the trip. Most of your leads will remain on this status until the group cancels or starts to sell the trip to students.

Interested - Shows all leads where the group leader has shown interest in actually going ahead with the trip after receiving their quotation but has not yet booked. While full attention should be given to all of your active leads, special attention should be paid to leads featured here as they are more likely to actually book the trip. You should move the trip to Interested if they have mentioned they are offering the trip to students, have requested availability or are actively working on an itinerary with you.

Selling - When a provisional booking has been sent after beds have been held and a group is collecting deposits.


Booked - Lists all leads that have been closed due to the group booking the trip.

Cancelled - Lists all leads that have been closed due to the group cancelling.

Quotes to be typed - Features all leads allocated to you that have been cost up but have not yet been typed up in quote format. You should keep an eye on this as any new quotes you need to type up and send out can be found here.

Quotes to be sent - Features leads where the quote has been quoted but not yet sent to group leader

Repeat Bookings - List of groups that have previously booked that you will need to chase up to see if they would like the run the trip again the following year.

Re-costs - List of all trips currently waiting to be re-cost, usually due to the group changing trip details.


Below these filter options, the relevant leads will be visible. These can be sorted as you wish by clicking the title of each column. It is also possible to further filter your leads by clicking the funnel button on the right hand side. This will open up a number of boxes below the column headers which you can type in to find what you want.  

The Tasks button will take you to a list of jobs you need to do within each lead. Whether this be sending out a quote, chasing up the group leader, requesting a requote or an accommodation option, everything can be found in this view. Each task is linked to a lead which can be opened by double clicking on the task.

Tasks can be filtered by all active tasks, overdue tasks and tasks due in the next 7 days. It is recommended that you sort your dates in order of date due, so that tasks that need to be completed today are featured at the top of your list. To sort by date due, just click on the relevant column. Once a task has been marked as complete within the lead, it will disappear from your task list but can still be viewed by going into the lead itself.

There is also a powerful search tool at the top of the page. From here you can search for a particular lead by group leader, school, tour reference, etc. You can also search for the details of a school or group leader by typing in the name. This is usually the quickest way to pull up the information you need if looking for something in particular instead of scouring through your long list of leads.

Adding a contact to Spirit

Instructions for adding a contact to Spirit

Add/Edit an Organisation in Spirit

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