We product content for various reasons, including:

  • Building authority in our niche
  • Increasing our traffic by improving our SEO metrics
  • Give resources for clients to use and share

For the most-part, we will use AI to generate the content or at the least content outline.

However, AI can and often does produce innaccurate resutls. In addition, it can be generic and not highly specific to our industry.

Therefore, whenever we produce any AI-generated content, we need to ensure we do the following:

1. Check accurary

  • It is important you proof read the content for accuracy of what AI has produced. This involves reading through the content outline and removing/editing any inaccuracies or irrelevant parts of the content.

2. Grammar

  • No AI tool will produce perfect content. Once it has been generated, go through and remove the fluff, repetitive content and oftentimes inaccuracies.
  • AI will often use American English, which needs changing to British English (e.g. organization instead of organisation)
  • It is worth signing up for a free Grammarly account and using that to check the basic grammar as a starting point

3. Add Expertise

  • The internet is going to be flooded with AI generated crap. We need to ensure we use AI to do the hard work, but we improve all content with references, fact-checking and correct grammar.
  • Go through the content and edit it. This could take some time, but this is the secret sauce. The expertise could come in many forms, but needs to be content that AI may not know or understand, such as:
  • Case studies / quotes from group leaders / insider tips / elements we may know from a practical Sales or Operations perspective / personal experiences

4. Add Links to Money Pages

  • Ensure there are links to 'money pages' of the site. For example, the money pages for a Rome School Trip page for Adaptable Travel woud be
  • Make sure the anchor text (the words that contain the link) also uses the correct keywords. Taking the example link above, this would be something like school trips to Rome (or whatever sounds natural in that context).
  • Do not 'stuff' the content for SEO sake, keep it natural.

5. Add external links to 'sources'

  • We should add one to 3 external links to add credibility to the content piece. If the content ever references a 'study' or an organisation, we should provide a link to that.
  • Of course, never link to a competitor website

Once finished, ensure the content is at leat 1250 words long.

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