Everyone in business answers calls.

The phone line is on a menu option system where you press different number for a different department.

1 - Sales

2 - Operations

3 - Finance

0 - General

Each team member is assigned a department(s) depending on their role.

Everyone is by default in the ‘General’ call queue.

If calls to these queues are not answered within a few rings, everyone gets the call. If you get calls to these call queues the key is to answer as quick as you can and help as much as you can and/or take a message.


Taking & Making Phone Calls

·      Don’t be nervous

·      ‘Smile’ down the phone – sound happy, loud, bubbly

·      Be polite

·      Check tone ofvoice – try to always remain professional, but at the same time get to their level. If they like to joke, laugh, if they are serious, be serious

·      Our aim is to pickup calls within 3 rings

·      If making outbound calls, receptionists will often act as buffers (you may have the direct teacher number in some cases, but not often).  If they do, tell the receptionist you are trying to assist Mr X with their trip. If you cant get through, ask when is a good time to reach them and takea note/set a reminder.  Keep calling back, eventually you will get through.


Calls that are not for you

·      If it’s an emergency (group away on a trip for example) take the details as fully as possible and try to solve as much as you can whilst on the phone.  Then when off the phone, discuss with the relevant Operations person (note there is a separate Emergency call queue but often clients call the main number).

·      If it’s not an emergency, ask who they want, what its regarding and transfer the call.  If the person they want is not available, see if you can assist, if not take a detailed message (always remember contact details).  There are dozens of sales related calls each day (usually for Matt, Ian or Bruce), its important the team act as a screen so not all calls get through.

·      If they don’tknow who they want to talk to (very common) ask for their tour reference number and put it into Spirit to find out who is dealing with them.

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