Philleigh Way Cookery School
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Philleigh Way Cookery School

Philleigh Way is a fantastic cookery school located in Cornwall offering your students an opportunity to make use of the location, getting to grips with fresh, vibrant ingredients and locally sourced produce brought to life in recipes inspired by the rustic farmhouse feel.

Whether your students want to sample a Cornish staple with a famous pasty, perfect an authentic pizza or get a taste of the Cornish coast with seafood dishes there’s workshops to suit any group, tantalise any taste buds and impress each and every student.

Bursting with enthusiasm, passion for flavour and culinary creativity these sessions are sure to awaken your students’ inner chefs and give them ample to take away and try in the kitchen at home.

Bespoke sessions can be arranged in advance to cater to certain dietary requirements or areas of interest.