Euro Space  Center - Ariane Mission (1 day)
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Euro Space Center - Ariane Mission (1 day)

The Euro Space Centre is recruiting new space cadets for an exciting, immersive mission and your group could be the perfect candidates! This jam-packed experience day is brimming with adventures, activities and discovery allowing your students to step into the Moon boots of a galactic explorer. As part of the Ariane Mission team, you and your students will start off with a guided tour of the fascinating multi-media exhibition, perfect for bringing classroom learning to life. After this your cadets will get a taste for life as an astronaut and take on some training on the fantastic simulators, including the multi-axis chair, rotating chair and the gravity defying Moon and Mars walk simulators. Lastly, a micro rocket workshop will test your students’ creativity and technical ability as they design, build and launch their own mini rockets.

Take classroom learning to dizzying new heights as you blast off into the wonderful world of space travel on an unforgettable educational experience, they’re sure to remember forever.