See Harry Potter on London School Trips

See Harry Potter on London School Trips

October 26, 2011

Do you want to offer an inspirational and unique school trip to your students?  Well a new Harry Potter attraction soon to open in London will make this even easier.

If you thought Harry potter was dust in the wind since the seventh and final film hit the cinema screens this year—you were wrong. Thanks to the Warner Bros Studio Tour in London and opening spring 2012, you and your group have the chance to go behind-the-scenes for the first time ever. With breath-taking sets; a great and unforgettable trip is promised.

Harry Potter books have been sold in over 200 territories and have been translated into 69 languages. This popular film series is loved by the young and old; making it one the most famous and successful British film series ever. Fortunately, new London attraction ‘The making of Harry Potter’ is something students of all ages will genuinely be able to enjoy on their next school trip to London.

During the school trip to The Making of Harry Potter your group will see things the camera has never showed, and will be able to see the detailed costumes, props and animatronics; unveiling secrets never seen before.

With the recent Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows bringing to end a film series started in 2011, this new attraction is sure to fill a void for Harry Potter fans, left by the lack of new films.  To many, ‘Harry Potter’ is more than a film or a book, it represents a large influence during their childhood.  JK Rowling grew dreaming of becoming author, and the legacy of Harry Potter and her great success is something of an inspiration, and which many school pupils look up too.  So why not show your students that dreams can come true?  This school trip could be the perfect way to let your students know that if they work hard they can reach any dream they want.  Therefore, for the most inspirational and exciting school trip in 2012, take your group on a school trip to London and visit to the ‘Making of Harry Potter’.  You can combine this visit with one of hundreds of amazing visits in London suitable for all subject areas.

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