22nd March 2018

History is possibly one of the most interesting subjects to learn about but can sometimes be one of the hardest to get students enthralled about. Reading about significant events that happened in the past can often be difficult to bring to life in a way that will really engage your pupils. When it comes to teaching history, taking your students out of the classroom and into the world for a school history trip, can be the best way to help them learn about all the important parts of history and make it memorable.


We’ve pulled together 10 of some of the best history school trip destinations that will bring the past to life in both exciting and haunting ways:


1. Yypres & Somme WW1 Battlefields Tours

It’s so important that future generations are taught about the horrors of WW1 and what better way to do so than by visiting Belgium. By arranging a bespoke Belgian Battlefields trip to Ypres and The Somme, your students can get as close to the action as possible, bringing to life the events of the past that should never be forgotten.  Adaptable combine carefully selected expert guides with our free range of educational resources to help students truly understand WW1 and the context of what they are seeing.

2. Berlin History and Politics
Berlin’s history is still very much alive in the city. It’s a hub of diverse learning experiences and home to famous and iconic landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. A school trip to Berlin is a fantastic way to learn about Nazi Germany and WW2 as well as the Cold War and other areas covered in the history curriculum.

3. Munich & Nuremberg


Another fantastic German history trip, is heading to Munich - a city brimming with Royal Bavarian heritage and holding the ashes of WW1. Learn all about Hitler and the Nazi party whilst also exploring a buzzing city boasting galleries, museums and incredible culture. Furthermore visiting the infamous Munich Olympic sites add a further Cold War historical dimension to your trip.

4. Auschwitz & The Holocaust
Krakow should be on everyone’s bucket list - regardless of whether they’re studying history or not. As a critical point in European history, the medieval city of Krakow houses more artworks and historic buildings than any other Polish city. The haunting past of Auschwitz still echoes thorough the preserved camps and will be a true eye opener for students.  We offer thoughtfully created educational resources to accompany your tour, free of charge to truly help students get to grips with this nightmare period of recent history.

5. Prague and Krakow 


Adaptable Travel offer a combined Prague and Krakow history trip that will help to excite and inspire your students. Prague is a beautiful city that, on the surface radiates sophistication, culture and stunning aesthetic. However, once your students are taught about its dark history - from the Roman Empire to WW1, WW2 and the Velvet Revolution, they will see the city in a new light. 

Combining Prague and Krakow together will demonstrate the similarities and contradictions between these two cities. In Krakow, your students will of course learn about all the horrors of the concentration camps, but will also get to explore other, less famous parts of this historic city.

6. London History
It’s important not to forget how much history is sitting right on our doorstep. With an incredible selection of world renowned museums, London is great at showing its history in an interesting and engaging way. Our London history trips offer tailored tours for KS 3-5 where students will learn about the past, how it affects us today and what impact it’s had on modern day politics.

7. Normandy Battlefields


As WW2 is such a big part of the GCSE curriculum, visiting the ground of the Battle of Normandy is a great way to immerse your students in their studies. During their school trip to Normandy with Adaptable Travel, your students will begin to understand the experiences of French soldiers, investigate the effects these historical events had on ordinary people and evaluate the importance of these events, even up to the present day.

8. Amsterdam
Amsterdam is an exciting city with a colourful history dating back to medieval times. Here, students will learn how Amsterdam developed from a small fishing village into the important trading post that it is today. From Anne Frank’s house to the world-class museums, a trip to Amsterdam will be an educational and somewhat emotional one. 

9. Washington History and Politics


If you’re looking to take your students on a history trip a little further afield, visiting Washington is a must. Here, your students will learn about the interesting history of the USA and its link to the UK. Blending history and politics together, a Washington history trip will give your students insights into parts of American history they won’t have heard of before.

10. Beijing & Xian
A school history trip to China offers your students a once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of the most diverse and interesting countries in the world. Beijing and Xian both offer very different historical experiences - from visiting the Terracotta Army to walking along the Great Wall of China, there’s so much to do in these two cities that you’ll struggle to fit it all in!

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