24th June 2016

Britain has decided, Brexit is a reality and the population have voted to leave the EU.  Although this question may not be top of your list, if you are an educational trip group leader it is worth considering just how Brexit may affect your trip.  Financial markets around the world will undoubtedly experience volatility, and the free movement of people across the EU is now about to change.  But what does this mean for your educational tour?

What about my trip booking?

If you are looking to book an educational trip or if you have already booked, the good news is Adaptable Travel locked in foreign currency at a higher rate before the referendum occurred.  This means for trips booked over the next few months and for all those already booked, if you travel with Adaptable Travel you can be assured that your quotation or booking confirmation is still accurate.  This is not just to EU countries, but for all our trips, considering the performance of Sterling is likely to be volatile in the short to medium term globally. Some airlines have stated their prices may increase in light of Brexit, however with competition fierce, it is unlikely this will have much impact.

Do I need a visa to travel to Europe?

In short, no – certainly not in the next two years at least.  Beyond 2018 is a little more uncertain, and nobody knows for sure what Brexit means for the free movement principle of the EU.  However, seeing as so many EU countries are reliant on UK visitors for their economy, it is unlikely in the long-term that there will be too many travel restrictions within the EU region.  The UK now has to negotiate trade deals with EU nations, and these are likely to contain some form of free movement of people agreements.

In conclusion, for both trips yet to book and for those of you who have booked your trip, if you are travelling with Adaptable Travel you can rest assured your trip is safe and unchanged, Brexit will not be a catalyst for price increases in the foreseeable future – in short, you can relax, and concentrate on teaching.

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All of our trips are protected by ATOL or ABTA bonding. This means your money is safe when booking your school trip with Adaptable Travel.

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