26th April 2016

Adaptable Travel are pleased to announce after completing a gruelling 10km of obstacles running up steep hills, swimming through freezing cold lakes and wading through thick mud, they have raised a magnificent £1,360 for Birmingham’s Children Hospital.

As part of our charity initiative for 2016, the Adaptable Travel team proudly chose Birmingham’s Children Hospital as our deserving charity of choice due to the excellent work they do for improving the lives of sick children. It is a bewildering and unsettling experience for anyone going into hospital let alone a child and it was with this in mind that the Adaptable Travel team signed up for the Wild Mud Run to raise money for this fitting cause.

Braving the cold temperatures, the team met up on Saturday 16th April 2016 to take part in the X-Runner event and with nerves and adrenalin running HIGH, we made our way to the start line. Seemingly unaware of what laid before us, we took off in high spirits and made our way over the hay bales to our first breath taking obstacle- the muddy swamp! After wading through the swamp and clambering up onto the awaiting muddy embankment we carefully passed over the tree logs, climbed up the cargo nets and ducked in and out of the tight ropes. Slightly muddy and wet at this stage, the team were relatively happy and confidence was still high, however this was all to change when we were greeted by 1.5 km of thick viscous mud.

The team then proceeded to crawl, drag, wade and pull themselves out of the mud by any means necessary. The mud was as thick as treacle and went as deep as our waistlines, it was literally like quick sand. With the mud behind us……………..THANK GOD………….. we trudged to the water slide. Life jackets on and covered head to toe in mud, we slipped down the slide into the freezing cold lake which again took our breath way. Helped out by army volunteers and now soaking wet with hands like icicles, the final part of the course awaited. With fatigue now setting in and body parts feeling completely numb, we were back into the lake for a short swim to the monkey bars.

Completely frozen and numb, people who could feel their hands attempted the monkey bars with varying degrees of success. Finally back on to dry land and with only a few obstacles to go, the team trekked up the hill to the tunnel slide which was a welcome relief and actually very fun as you can see from above. The course now opened out before us and with the finish line in clear sight, we slowly jogged through the remaining obstacles, climbing up inclined walls and jumping over burning logs, to finally dragg our dishevelled selves to the last remaining obstacle. Battered, beaten and bruised we climbed the scaffolding to the top and took a leap of faith and jumped onto the air bag to finally complete the course- what an experience!!!!

Thank you to everyone for supporting our cause and for your help in raising an excellent contribution for a very deserving charity! We hope that the money raised will help someway in improving the lives of sick children.


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