11th February 2016

Air Passenger Duty (APD tax) is admittedly not the most exciting topic – however new government changes coming into force in March may mean your educational trips have just become more cost effective if travelling by air.  APD is a topic that you will undoubtedly see popping up in the media in the coming weeks, so to ensure you are in the know, here is our brief guide to what is happening and how it affects the cost of your educational trip.

What is APD?

APD is an excise duty which the UK government charge every passenger when they fly from a UK airport.  The amount you pay varies depending on where you are flying to and what class of seat you are flying in.

What is changing?

The good news is that as of 1st March 2016 all children aged 15 or under at the time of departure will now pay less APD, meaning the cost of their educational trip has just reduced by as much as £73 (£13 for European destinations)!  Yes, you did read that correctly, children aged under 16 have just seen a substantial fee slashed from the cost of their educational trip, and Adaptable Travel will guarantee to pass 100% back to your students.

How much will students save to different destinations?

The UK government are using London as the basis for measurements of how much APD you can save, and have put destinations into either Band A or Band B based on their distance from London (irrespective as to which UK airport you fly from).


APD Band A: Anyone travelling to Europe (within 2000miles from London) who is aged 15yrs or less at the time of departure will pay £13 less than those aged 16yrs or older.

APD Band B: Anyone travelling outside of Europe (or over 2000miles from London) who is aged 15yrs or less at the time of departure will pay £73 less than those aged 16yrs or older.

Some popular Band A inclusions would include Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Krakow, Iceland and Rome to name but a few.

For those groups going a little further afield on your school trip, destinations such as New York, Tokyo, Istanbul, San Francisco and Beijing would all count as Band B, meaning students aged 15 or less save £73 off the cost of their trip!

For the avoidance of doubt, the age of your student that counts is their age the day they depart from the UK, not the age at time of booking or when flying back from a foreign airport.

We have produced a map above which highlights where Band A and Band B brackets fall.  So, when planning your next educational tour, rest assured Adaptable Travel will pass on 100% of the APD cost back to relevant students, making destinations more affordable to many students.  If you are receiving alternative quotes, then be sure to check other companies are also passing this new APD saving back to your students.

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