20th March 2014

The science world has been in raptures with an announcement by astronomers at BICEP2 that they have evidence that supports the Big Bang theory.  This is arguably the biggest scientific breakthrough since the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle at CERN recently, and marks an exciting period for physics and a great time to be able to inspire the next generation of young scientists.

A project named BICEP2 has been using a South Pole based telescope to making detailed observations of a small patch of the sky, looking for a residual marker of ‘inflation’, a the theory that the cosmos experienced an exponential growth spurt in its first trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second.  The new evidence, just published now backs up previous theories that the universe was created in a Big Bang scenario.

This new discovery, combined with the recent Higgs Boson discovery surely marks a period that we will look back upon in years to come as a milestone in scientific discovery, equal to Darwin’s theory of evolution.  This further adds to the trend that science is becoming a ‘cool’ topic to study at school more than ever with increasing numbers taking up the subject.  Adaptable Travel can further substantiate this with news that thousands have embarked upon exciting school trips to CERN with Adaptable Travel, to explore in detail the amazing experiments taking place on the Swiss-French border.  To enquire about a science trip to CERN, why not get in touch today and our team of CERN experts will be happy to help, and you can discover why Adaptable Travel are the leading school science trip providers.  In addition, why not take a look at our amazing Science Discovered event starring Professor Brian Cox – the ultimate school science trip!

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